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Assessing the Risk of Invasive Plant Introductions at Trailheads in the Adirondack Park

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Knotweed Biocontrol
Dr. Bernd Blossey, Cornell University

North American Weed Biocontrol Summit

Share and Learn the Latest on Biocontrol
Wednesday, October 28th, 11 – 3 ET

Mile a Minute Vine by Katja Schulz

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NYISRI Projects - Conference Reports - Research Updates

Webinar Available

Addressing Invasives in British Columbia:
Successes, Challenges, & Where-to Next

Fall colors in Saanichton, British Columbia by Bradon Godfrey

Our Mission

Connect invasive species research and practice to help manage the impact of invasive species in NYS

Garlic Mustard by David Cappaert, Michigan State University.

Beech Leaf Disease Update

Beech Leaves in Spring by Mikkel Houmoller

Spotted Lanternfly
State of the Science
New York Invasive Species Research Institute
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We connect invasive species research and practice to help manage the impact of invasive species in NYS.


Invasive species pose a serious threat to New York’s natural resources, and NYISRI is committed to improving the scientific basis of invasive species management. We serve the scientific research community, natural resource and land managers, and state offices and sponsored organizations by through promoting research, creating networks, and providing support.


Identify research needs from managers and coordinate research to meet those needs.


Foster knowledge exchange between diverse organizations and individuals through conferences and webinars.


Support managers and researchers by synthesizing research, communicating funding opportunities, and creating management protocols.

Recent Posts

Research Summary: Invasive Leafiness and Latitude (10/27/2020) - If you’re an invasive shrub, you hold on to your leaves– citizen scientists helped to find that extended leaf phenology between native and invasive shrubs gets more similar as you move northward.
Jason Fridley Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Jason Fridley (10/10/2020) - While many forest ecologists have their eyes on the trees, Dr. Jason Fridley turns to the shrubs­­– asking how special adaptations can make some infamous invaders.
Research Summary: Starting the Stowaway Pathway (9/11/2020) - How do some aquatic species with low-mobility become widespread? Dispersing locally gives an advantage, and playing stowaway gets them the rest of the way.

Latest News

Catskill Research Fellowships (10/26/2020) - Applications due Dec. 31 at 11:59 PM


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