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Biological Control

Biological control programs are one of the best, and quite often the only, long-term solution to managing invasive plants and animals.  In order to be introduced in the state, biological control agents must first be federally approved, and also approved by New York State.

For an overview of biological control, and its application, check out this Biological Control video from CABI Invasives.

View the recently published Field Guide for Biological Control of Weeds of the East for information on available biocontrol agents as well as promising agents in development for invasive species of New York.

See the following resources for records of biological control introductions at the national level:
APHIS Technical Advisory Group for Biological Control of Weeds TAG Petitions
(Updated May 2015)

History of APHIS TAG Petitions
(Updated May 2013)

Weeds and Biological Control Agents Released in the Continental US and Canada
(Updated May 2013)

*Please note, the importation, transport and release of biocontrol agents requires an APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) 526 permit.

Galerucella calmariensis
Credit: Mark Schwarzlander/

Credit: USDA Forest Service