Web Resources

NYS Prohibited and Regulated Invasive Plant List

NYS Prohibited and Regulated Invasive Animal List

Online Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species in Northeastern North America

Find profiles for aquatic nuisance and invasive species, create customized field guides.

Invasive Plant Management Decision Analysis Tool (IPMDAT)

Developed by The Nature Conservancy, this online tool helps inform and guide invasive plant management decisions by determining if projects are likely to be successful or unsuccessful, based on entered responses to a series of questions.

Forest Pests of North America

Information and resources for identifying and learning about the biology and ecology of native and invasive forest pests.

Invasive Mussel Collaborative

Learn about prevention, management options, and research on invasive mussels.

Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative

Find information on how to distinguish native and invasive phragmites, impact and management recommendations, and links to recent research.  Resources include webinar presentations, factsheets and management guides.